What exactly is DixIt?

DixIt designs are made to be worn on any item of clothing. Pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, bags, you name it. Each DixIt design has the designer's unique stamp on it. We simply don't compromise on quality. After a year of development, experimentation and hard work, we've achieved an uber flexible, thin and resilient adhesive that actually sticks around stays fresh and loyal like an old-fashioned permanent print, and leaves when it's time to wash everything away. 

How does DixIt work?

DixIt works just like a sticker. It can be applied to any item of clothing, in no time. No need for ironing or sewing. If you want to remove it, just peel it off. It's that simple. To get started, we recommend you watch our DixIt explained video.
For more details watch this.

    Are the DixIt designs reusable?

    DixIt designs can be worn over again, depending on the right treatment and care. Exposure to the sun, moist conditions, and the type of clothing material used will all influence its re-usability. We, therefore, can't guarantee the number of times you'll be able to reuse DixIt.. 

    What's the best way to wash the DixIt?

    Heat and overexposure to water will damage the DixIt, so please refrain from putting it in the washing machine. Instead, wash your DixIt clothing by hand using cold water and the mildest hand wash detergent. We cannot guarantee the Dixit will stick after a full cycle due to different temperature and spin speed usage.

      Which material can DixIt be applied on?

      While we understand, you may want to apply DixIt to different materials, for now, our adhesive is compatible with fabric material only. In short, DixIt works on dozens of fabrics, except satin, velvet, silk, rye and lace.

      What can I do to make Dixit last longer on the fabric?

      To provide you with the best idea of how it works best, each delivery includes a DixIt sample. Thus, you can apply a test before you apply your DixIt design.

        Are DixIt designs customizable?

        The answer is yes. We embrace creativity and want to offer you limitless design opportunities. Since each design needs to be implemented by one of our awesome designers, at this time, we only accept customizable designs for 30 orders or more. Interested? Let's get you started Visit here.

          Can I buy the clothes on the site?

          Although we love online shopping, we want to empower you to design what's already in your closet. All you have to do is choose the DixIt design you love and apply it to the clothes you love to wear.